Enjoy the moments

Driving to work today, I saw a man leaning against a wood rail fence with one foot propped up on the middle rail.  Nothing notable, right?  Well, the temp with wind chill was in the mid 20’s F.  That didn’t seem to be bothering him.  He was looking over a grassy area that drops down below the street.  It would have been covered in snow, though I couldn’t see it from my vantage point in my swiftly moving vehicle carrying me to that place I go to make money in order to get by.

Maybe he was watching kids or a dog romping around, but even so, he seemed to be enjoying the moment.  His stance was completely relaxed and while he was wearing a winter coat, he wasn’t especially bundled up.  You can get pretty used to the cold, once you stop thinking of it as a negative.  It makes you appreciate the spring and summer more, after all.

It was an unexpected scene of tranquility in an inconspicuous bit of roadside real estate.  I must confess, I didn’t slow down, since I was a little later than I like to be, and my manager likes me to be.  I wasn’t late, mind you, but not as early as expected.  Such is the rush of modern life.

I did take a mental picture though, which I’m looking at now in the small hours of the night.  I see afternoon rays through the trees, lighting the scene just brightly enough, not glaring, but radiant.  I feel the calm of the stranger by the road, and I’m glad I saw him.

Thanks for the reminder to enjoy the moment.