The difficulty of progress

Well, it’s been a little while since I’ve posted. I started a new job a little over a month ago. It’s more professional in nature than I’ve ever had before, which I like. It’s also temporary to permanent, based on performance. I’ve always been one at the top of the class, exceeding expectations, and impressing those I work with and for.

This time, I’m struggling. The job is doing QA (Quality Assurance) for digital scans done of materials from the Library of Congress for the purpose of preservation and digitization for ease of access as well as the preservation aspect. I like the work and it’s important to society.

The problem has been keeping up the pace. You have to meet a daily goal, or quota. I’m struggling with that while still maintaining accuracy. I felt the training left something to be desired, as I was told different things by those above me. Now, I’m dealing with a slow computer and not being sure if it’s normal slow-down or excessive.

I’ve dealt with a very negative, critical, and well, bitch of a team coordinator. She tells me she wants me to ask questions, but when I do tells me I should already know that, or she just acts impatient like I’m bothering her. Thank God the person below her, the team leader/trainer is much more patient, helpful and generally nice.

It would have helped if I knew software such as Photoshop better before I started. But I’ve always been a quick study. I guess it’s just that there’s a lot to absorb when you’re new.

I also am dealing with a very different schedule, having worked all evening and weekend shifts and going to starting at 6:30am. I’m pretty well adjusted to that now, but still feel sleepy at work sometimes. There have been several times when I was fighting to stay awake while sitting at my computer.

I can’t help wondering, was temp to permanent always the norm, or is that a modern institution to allow companies to use people for short term goals and then leave them hanging? Well, I don’t intend to find out. I must, and can, and will get to where I need to be in the coming weeks. I’m very tenacious, intelligent, and possess a brave spirit. I will prevail.

It’s been humbling to be in this position. Having always learned things quickly and easily, I’ve learned to appreciate the struggles of others who don’t absorb things so fast. I can appreciate the hard work they do to get ahead.

I’ll keep you posted.

One thought on “The difficulty of progress

  1. Don’t worry too much..again if you have concerns I’d bring it up to Courtney. They used to have a rating system of 321..if you got a 1 it meant you were hopeless and on the verge of being fired..One year Jess and I both got a 1..yet I am now a team leader and sadly with Jess’s illness it’s harder for her to concentrate and she keeps finding herself on probation. I keep thinking one day we will become a struggling one income family. I had the same problems you are having except it was when my coordinator was still just a technician. I know she steamrolled me into getting that 1. It got to point where it felt like a hostile work environment because I was the only guy at the time and everything out of her mouth was men bashing or thinly veiled digs on how I was working. As for staying awake…dude that shit at one time or another affects everyone including management. Walk it off, jump up and down, walk around the building outside, splash cold water in your face or cat nap on the toilet.

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