Dark thoughts of a retail worker

I try to keep a generally positive attitude in life and keep my blog upbeat as well.

Sometimes, though, I don’t feel real positive, especially toward the end of a work day.  That’s when we do “Recovery and facing”.  Recovery is returning things to their rightful place, and facing is pulling product forward on the shelf to make it look nice and neat and “full”.

What a mess people make.

Clothes on the floor.  Do you just drop clothes on the floor at home that you’re not going to wear?  The toy aisle is always trashed.  Do people not make their kids put their things away at home?  I guess if you don’t know how to act in public, you’re not going to teach your kids to do so.  I made the comment once to a former coworker that I think people make a mess on purpose.  He said of course, and that “we” used to do that when we were kids and now we have to clean up when other people do it.  I said, “Who’s we?  I never did that and neither did any of my friends.  Our parents would have had our hides if we did that.”

Then there’s the lady who comes in every day just to put things out of place all over the store.  I figured out who was doing it because she did it right behind me and when I turned around, saw the foreign item she had deposited.  I couldn’t believe she was that brazen about it.  I wasn’t 100% positive that the item wasn’t there before she came in the aisle and back out real quick, so next time she came in, I looked around after she left and found stray items in the usual places, so I knew it was her.  I planned to confront her, gently, the next time I saw her.  I did a sort of double take when she came in next, but was busy waiting on customers.  She must have seen the look because she got real sneaky from then on, and I haven’t even seen her.  She sneaks in and out, never buys anything, every f’ing day.  She must have OCD or something, but that’s no excuse.  I have bipolar, but I don’t go around behaving inappropriately.  She must live within sight of the store since she seems to strike when we’re real busy and don’t see her come in.  She’s like a ghost – a mess making, pain in the ass ghost.

As I do my recovery at the end of the day, I can’t help thinking that it’s people who don’t work, and white trash, and ghetto folk, and the lower segment of the population.  I get some dark thoughts, like thinking of some people as “welfare rats”.  When I find messes, I think “scumbags”.  I don’t like to be that way.

Then there’s the theft.  When the anti-theft alarm at the door goes off, a lot of people don’t even stop or make eye contact.  They know you can’t chase them.  Although, my former manager, now at another store, does just that.  They haven’t fired her yet.  ha ha

Just as annoying, or perhaps even moreso, perhaps because of the brashness of it, are the bogus “returns”.  You know when something is not right.  Either they stole it from another store, or they just took it off the shelf and “return” it.  You ask questions and try to make it difficult for them, but in the end, you end up giving them a refund.  Of course, you can only give store credit without a receipt if it’s over $5.00.  If you aren’t sure it’s bogus, you know when they want to buy cigarettes with their ill gotten booty, that it is definitely not a legit return.

I sometimes find myself saying, “I hate people”.  I don’t like to be that way.

That’s why I try to keep a rapport with some of the regulars I’ve told you about.  I dont’ want to dwell on the negtives.  It only gives them power.

So, after venting, I still believe that most people are decent.  If shrink is at 3% and setting off red flags with Loss Prevention, then that means the overwhelming majority of people deign to pay for merchandise.

P.S.: I had to edit this post a little.  I was getting really sleepy at the end when I first wrote it.