Why Mister Ritchey?

Many of my teachers called me that throughout my school years.  I hated it then because I felt like it just made me stand out.  I felt like a nerdy misfit as it was.  Then one of my teachers told my mom at a parent/teacher conference that she thought I looked like a little professor.  I was just so studious and mature.  Then I hated it even more.  Well, not really.  It kind of made me feel good.

About me

I’m small in stature, but have a certain fearlessness in my approach to life.  I’m also timid and reserved sometimes.  I’m a bit of a paradox.  I’m funny, but tend to be very serious at work.  I’m warm and genuine, but can be cold and detached.  I’m consistently inconsistent.  I’m a gifted writer, but haven’t finished any significant work.  I have superior insight and judgement, but often catch myself yielding to a lesser will.

As mentioned in several of my posts, I have bipolar disorder.  I have mild symptoms for which I am very grateful.

My background

After starting college at a four year school, East Stroudsburg University, I dropped out after three semesters due to lack of direction, support, and funds.  I then got my Associate’s Degree via the Radio/TV program at Northampton Community College.  I only half heartedly sought to find work in that field, but never really pursued a career in it.  I didnt’ know exactly what I wanted to do with it.  I didn’t continue on for my Bachelor’s Degree, much to my future remorse, because I was burned out and still lacked direction.

I share 100 year old house with my brother in Bethlehem, PA.  I grew up in the small town of Bangor, PA in a lower middle class home.  We struggled for money quite a bit in my childhood and preteen years.  My dad was a milk tester until they replaced people with automatic equipment.  Then he worked in a hardware store.  My mother worked in blouse mills, as they called them then.

I have one brother and one sister, both older.

I’m single, and gay, and available.  😉


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