The regulars

I’m changing names to protect people’s privacy.

I’ve already told you about Ken.  Here’s some others.

Emily is one of our regulars. She’s in everyday, sometimes twice a day.  She smokes Marlboro Menthol Light 100’s.  She doesn’t want the receipt, except when she uses her card or when she’s buying something for her wicked mother-in-law.  I think the title is unofficial as she refers to her man as boyfriend, not husband.  Emily had a miscarriage last year.  We (my manager and I) think her boyfriend did something to her to cause her to miscarriage.  My manager was in an abusive relationship years ago.  The man she married turned into someone completely different once they were a legal couple.  She left him after a time, once she got up the courage and realized she didn’t deserve it.

Then there’s Liz who’s kind of quiet.  She introduced herself one day.  She knew my name from my nametag and felt like we should both be on a first name basis. She said something to that effect.  Liz nearly always has her very well behaved kids along.  A boy and a girl, I’d say around 8 and 10.  She didn’t introduce them officially.  I commented recently that I haven’t seen her as much lately.  She said she’s been super busy with work and the kids’ activities.  One is in soccer and the other in band.  She never mentions a husband/dad.  If he’s there, he must work a lot.  Or, she could be a single mom working a lot of hours and still keeping up with the children’s activities.

There’s two women whose names I don’t know that come in a lot.  One of them has a walker, though she isn’t old.  She gets social security since she can’t work.  She and her sister are there at least every other day.  They like to grab a soda from the cooler and drink it while they shop.  You have to remind them at checkout that you need to scan it. Otherwise they’ll “forget” to pay for it.  It’s like a game, I guess.  They do spend a lot there, but you have to watch them.

There’s the dude who works at Joe’s Battery and Tire.  He’s a good guy.  Works hard and has at least one kid, a boy who is also very well behaved.  He comes in every Sunday morning not long after we open and buys cereal and milk.  I wonder if he skips breakfast the rest of the week.  He’s very easy going and has never complained about anything.

There’s Eddie who always gets Rip It energy drinks and sometimes gets Newport Red 100’s.  I wish I could only smoke a little, but I smoke ’em if I have ’em.  We always have to enter a birthdate when we sell tobacco products.  His is 10/23/1972.  The aforementioned Emily’s is 7/6/1981, exactly 10 years after mine.  Eddie is going to be joining the team soon as a part time cashier.  He needs a second job, as so many do these days.

There are many others which I’ll keep writing about.


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